IMS (Integrated Management System)

Since its inception, GME has become committed to clients, employees, workers and other interested parties in order to fully comply not only with applicable legal requirements and with current legislation, but also guarantee the quality of its works, strengthen health and safety of its employees and meet the demands of the environment.

For this reason, GME has established an Integrated Management System (IMS), which includes the following general principles:

  • Offer our service with the highest quality, considering the best techniques available and managing resources efficiently.
  • In terms of Occupational Risk Prevention, consolidate improvements in the workplace and working conditions in order to preserve integrity and improve the satisfaction of the people who make up the organization.
  • Maintain positive interactions with the environment by implementing actions to minimize environmental impact.
  • Respect Social Responsibility principles based on accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for the interests of the parties involved, the principle of legality, international standards of behaviour and human rights.
  • An R&D&I policy that encourages research and innovation in order to create a differential and competitive factor, promoting continuous process improvement.

These policies are backed by corresponding certifications.