Introduction of social responsibility criteria (economic, environmental, social and good governance aspects) are a guarantee for competitiveness, risk reduction, good governance and improved management of organizations.

Within its management system, GME develops Social Responsibility, based on the IQNet SR 10 standard, which includes ISO 26000 guide and ILO and OECD recommendations. An internal procedure that seeks continuous improvement based on the treatment of the needs of all interested parties. In this way, we comply with efficiency and social responsibility values, which are compatible with the creation of added value and that have an impact on the improvement of the organization in the medium and long term.

GME analyses the fundamental Social Responsibility subjects in a cross-cutting way, considering all their elements and their dependence on one another. The company must know about the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, attending to the specificities of its activity and promote the participation of these groups and that they engage in a shared commitment, without this meaning that they have to give up the legitimate defence of their interests.