GME has implemented an R&D&I management system. With this, we intend to be a proactive company that designs and implements R&D&I projects in an orderly, systematic way and with the involvement and motivation of company personnel, increasing the efficiency of the processes and the competitiveness of the organization, innovating and being more competitive.

There are currently few civil engineering construction companies that carry out R&D&I projects, and even fewer that implement a Management System (IMS) to ensure the continuous implementation of projects that work together for the company’s progress.

R&D&I Projects Implemented within the System:

  • Improvement of processes, obtaining timely information through alert systems and other technological media such as QR codes, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
  • Innovation in the “Works Management” process to improve quality, ORP and environmental actions through action groups, as well as the internationalization of the organization.
  • Improve communication and Management between Work – Office and vice versa using Tablet.
  • Notifications, information and detection of people in proximity of the machines using an APP and Beacons.