At GME, we have long been committed to change. Our objective is to work for Clean Energies and Environmental protection. We are aware of the importance of meeting our clients’ main demands: Safety and Environment, Quality and execution time.

Our company is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, applying strict standards for: Waste management and recycling, health, well-being and training of workers, gender equality and responsible consumption. We are leaders in urgent maintenance and repair of machinery. We also invest in new machinery using the latest advances to minimize emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

La Estanca Wind Farm

Mallen (Zaragoza) 

“Ecoactiva” hazardous waste landfill

La Cartuja (Zaragoza)

Monlora Wind Farm

Sierra de Luna (Zaragoza)

Photovoltaic Park – Aragon 3.1

Castelnou (Zaragoza) 

Tivissa landfill

Tivissa (Tarragona)

El Campo Wind Farm

Mallen (Zaragoza)

Escatrón II Photovoltaic Park

 Escatrón (Zaragoza) 

El Cavar Wind Farm

Valtierra (Navarra) 

Can Mata landfill

Esparraguera (Barcelona)

Escatrón I Photovoltaic Park

Escatrón (Zaragoza) 

Venta de Ginestar Wind Farm

Bisimbre (Zaragoza)